atom smashers

Atom Smashers: First Strike (1986)

Atom Smashers: First Strike (1986)

so i’m switching to a totally new marketing strategy to make this blog TOP NO.1 among all people who now bout musik

all the german guys who onanate on new ware cmon guys fuck fuck fuck this is a a blog for myself and my new freind shub-niggurath

Atom Smashers: First Strike (1986)

stupid people call it  „EXPERIMENTAL HIP HOP“ i just call is „GREAT INSANE SHIT“

cause its not available on the whole wirld wide fucking shitweb

it’s only 128kbits you assholes, but it’s the whole album so don’t come whining

2 Responses to “atom smashers”

  1. 1 sex

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for porn

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